Multi-Phase Macrotransport Processes

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The subject of macrotransport processes encompasses a broad range of macroscale volume-averaged transport phenomena in continuum-based descriptions of multiple-phase multiple-species geosystems subjected to prescribed boundary and initial conditions. Problems previously addressed and currently being investigated within the scope of the Granular Lab cover the following fields of study: heat and mass transfer in heterogeneous multi-phase porous media; advective-diffusive-reactive transport phenomena in capillary networks arising in granular systems (such as in packed-beds); and, contaminant dispersion in natural water systems. The primary application is resolution of multidimensional multi-phase multi-species macrotransport processes in multiplicity of time and space (i.e., multiple scales). Thus, the scale-dependency of rate-controlling physicochemical processes is considered in the detailed solution of pertinent partial differential equations governing macrotransport phenomena in the particular systems subjected to specified boundary and initial conditions.
2D Porous medium with heat flux